October 15, 2010

Time for prayer and fellowship

Even busy with children, I can manage that life only, when I take regularly time for prayer and fellowship with other Christians.

April 26, 2010

Full of God or full of daily tasks?

Nine years ago, in the community, I wrote the following encouragement to a sister. What about these thoughts today? How should I practice this now, when I'm always busy with my little kids, instead of the Bible study?

"Isaiah 54:1-5, especially 5a, 'For your Maker is your husband.' First of all we should have relationship with God, he gives everything we need. No human being can give us everything we need. The love of God has been given into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Rom 5:5), it means we CAN love others by his power and love. Then we are happy."
 Well, this I knew already before meeting the community. And it applies both in marriage or community and without: God should be our first source of strength, not any human being. 

 "Philippians 3:7-14.  Pauls's aim of life was to know the Christ. Seeing God's acting gives us joy. ... Bad desires, thoughts, attitudes come, if we don't endeavor to read the Bible, to think about it and about how to help others spiritually. If we are not full of the Bible, of God, we are empty and try to fulfill ourselves by our wishes. But only God can fulfil us. Our aim shouldn't be just to get free from bad, but to grow in the good, in order to pass on the character of God better and better - first of all the attitude of the Christ and trust in God. He wants to help us to change and to give joy in Him."

March 18, 2010


Many have been excluded from the community these years and in many towns there is no community any more.
I heard they say the reason of it is lack of love.

Yes, they are right that they are lacking love. Only the solution is not exclusion of even more brothers-sisters, but inclusion of those they have rejected as hopeless, extending their love to those.